Class LocalNotificationsServiceBase

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AndroidLocalNotificationsService, IOSLocalNotificationsService

public abstract class LocalNotificationsServiceBase extends Object implements LocalNotificationsService
RAS is added after changes in the notifications list to prevent an empty list if the listener is added too soon, before the notifications are provided.
  • Constructor Details

    • LocalNotificationsServiceBase

      public LocalNotificationsServiceBase()
  • Method Details

    • getNotifications

      public final javafx.collections.ObservableList<Notification> getNotifications()
      An Observable List of Notifications, that can be used to add or remove notifications If the notification is marked as scheduled, it won't be added to the device
      Specified by:
      getNotifications in interface LocalNotificationsService
      ObservableList of Notification
    • scheduleNotification

      protected abstract void scheduleNotification(Notification notification)
      Used by the platform-dependent implementation to scheduleNotification the notification
      notification - to be scheduled
    • unscheduleNotification

      protected abstract void unscheduleNotification(Notification notification)
      Used by the platform-dependent implementation to unscheduleNotification the notification
      notification - to be unscheduled