Class DefaultVideoService

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AndroidVideoService, IOSVideoService

public abstract class DefaultVideoService extends Object implements VideoService
  • Field Details

    • debug

      protected final boolean debug
    • playlist

      protected final javafx.collections.ObservableList<String> playlist
    • playlistMap

      protected final Map<String,Boolean> playlistMap
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultVideoService

      public DefaultVideoService()
  • Method Details

    • getPlaylist

      public javafx.collections.ObservableList<String> getPlaylist()
      Description copied from interface: VideoService
      Returns an observable list with media file names.

      Supported formats:

      The media files (video and audio) can either be a valid URL or they can be provided in the resources folder.

      For example, the following media files:

      • /src/main/resources/media1.mp4
      • /src/main/resources/video/media2.mp4
      can be added to the playlist as follows:
       getPlaylist().addAll("media1.mp4", "video/media2.mp4",
      Specified by:
      getPlaylist in interface VideoService
      an ObservableList of media file names, either in the resource folder or valid URLs
    • checkFileInResources

      protected boolean checkFileInResources(String filePath)
    • getFileFromAssets

      protected File getFileFromAssets(String filePath)