Class ShrinkExpandAnimation

  • public final class ShrinkExpandAnimation
    extends Transition
    An animation that will shrink or grow a Node. The direction of the animation is specified by the expand parameter of the constructor.
    • Constructor Detail

      • ShrinkExpandAnimation

        public ShrinkExpandAnimation​(Node n,
                                     boolean expand)
        Creates a new ShrinkExpandAnimation instance, where the animation will initially operate in the direction specified by the boolean argument: if true, the node will expand into view when the animation is played, and if false, the node will shrink out of view when the animation is played.
        n - The Node to animate.
        expand - Whether to expand (true), or shrink (false).
    • Method Detail

      • interpolate

        protected void interpolate​(double frac)
        Specified by:
        interpolate in class Transition