Class StatusBar

  • public class StatusBar
    extends Object
    API to allow for styling the native status bar elements on platforms such as iOS and Android. The primary benefit to using this class is that you can style the status bar from CSS using the .status-bar style class in conjunction with the -fx-background-color property.

    This class can no be instantiated directly, and should instead be accessed via AppManager.getStatusBar().

    • Method Detail

      • setColor

        public final void setColor​(Color color)
        Sets the value of the property color.
        Property description:
      • getColor

        public final Color getColor()
        Gets the value of the property color.
        Property description:
      • pseudoClassStateChanged

        public final void pseudoClassStateChanged​(PseudoClass pseudoClass,
                                                  boolean active)
        It is possible to specify CSS rules such as .status-bar:error, and have these pseudo class states be used to change the status bar color. If this is desired, simply use this method to pass in all pseudoclass state, toggling between active and inactive as desired.
        pseudoClass - the pseudo-class that has changed state
        active - whether or not the state is active