Class TextArea

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Styleable, EventTarget, Skinnable

    public class TextArea
    extends TextInput
    Text areas are taller than text fields and wrap overflow text onto a new line. They scroll vertically when the cursor reaches the bottom of the field.

    User may choose to add additional information on the text input control by using :

    • Prompt Text - A place holder text inside a TextInput which is erased when focus is received by it.
    • Float Text- A place holder text inside a TextInput which is transitioned to the top of the TextInput when focus is received by it.

    Please note that float text has a higher precedence over prompt text i.e. if both the values are set, the latter will be removed.

    Error validators are used to validate the input based on a user provided function.

    Screenshot of TextArea at rest

    Screenshot of TextArea while typing

    See Also:
    TextInput, TextField
    • Constructor Detail

      • TextArea

        public TextArea()
        Creates a TextField with empty text content.
      • TextArea

        public TextArea​(String text)
        Creates a TextField with initial text content.
        text - A string for text content.