Class TopicSubscription

  • public class TopicSubscription
    extends Object
    A topic subscription holds the subscription information of a certain device with a certain topic. Push notifications can be sent to a topic, where only devices that are subscribed to that topic will receive the notification.
    • Constructor Detail

      • TopicSubscription

        public TopicSubscription()
    • Method Detail

      • getDeviceIdentifier

        public String getDeviceIdentifier()
        The unique identifier of the device.
        A unique identifier of the device.
      • setDeviceIdentifier

        public void setDeviceIdentifier​(String deviceIdentifier)
      • getTopic

        public String getTopic()
        The topic the device is subscribed to.
        The topic of the subscription.
      • setTopic

        public void setTopic​(String topic)
      • getCreationDate

        public long getCreationDate()
        The date when the subscription is created as a unix timestamp in milliseconds.
        The date when the subscription is created.
      • setCreationDate

        public void setCreationDate​(long creationDate)