Class AuthenticationViewFactory

  • public class AuthenticationViewFactory
    extends Object
    A Factory class used to create new instances of AuthenticationView.
    • Constructor Detail

      • AuthenticationViewFactory

        public AuthenticationViewFactory()
    • Method Detail

      • getAuthenticationView

        public static AuthenticationView getAuthenticationView()
        Get an instance of AuthenticationView. It will try to load a class that is defined in the system property com.gluonhq.cloudlink.client.user.AuthenticationView. If no such property was defined, it will try to load the Glisten implementation of the AuthenticationView. When that fails to instantiate as well, null will be returned, which means no authentication can be started in this application.

        Note: only one instance of the AuthenticationView will be created for the entire application. This means that subsequent calls to this method will always return the same instance.

        an instance of AuthenticationView that can be used to connect users to Gluon CloudLink.