Class UsageClient

  • public class UsageClient
    extends Object

    The UsageClient handles sending usage information about the the application to the Gluon CloudLink Usage Analytics service. The information that is being sent never contains personal information. Only generic details about the device like the platform, the version of the platform, information about the application, etc. will be provided to Gluon CloudLink.

    Note: The UsageClient will gather information about the device by making use of the DeviceService Please make sure that the device plugin has been enabled in your Gluon Mobile application build configuration:

    • Constructor Detail

      • UsageClient

        public UsageClient()
    • Method Detail

      • enable

        public void enable()
        Enable the UsageClient for this Gluon Mobile application. A call to this method will sent analytics information about the device to the Gluon CloudLink Usage Analytics service.