Class BleSpecs


public class BleSpecs extends Object
All BLE UUIDs are of the form: 0000XXXX-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb These specs specify the unique XXXX code for each of the currently existing Services, Characteristics and Descriptors For more info about BLE see:
  • Constructor Details

    • BleSpecs

      public BleSpecs()
  • Method Details

    • getServiceToken

      public static String getServiceToken(UUID serviceUuid)
    • getCharacteristicsToken

      public static String getCharacteristicsToken(UUID characteristicsUuid)
    • getUUIDFromServiceName

      public static UUID getUUIDFromServiceName(String serviceName)
    • getUUIDFromCharacteristicsName

      public static UUID getUUIDFromCharacteristicsName(String charName)
    • getUUIDFromDescriptorName

      public static UUID getUUIDFromDescriptorName(String descName)
    • getUUIDfromTokenOrElse

      public static Optional<UUID> getUUIDfromTokenOrElse(String token, Function<String,UUID> functionName)
    • formatToken

      public static String formatToken(long assignedNumber)
    • getAssignedNumber

      public static long getAssignedNumber(UUID uuid)