Package com.gluonhq.attach.ble

package com.gluonhq.attach.ble
API related to the BlueTooth Low Energy service.
  • Class
    Characteristics are defined attribute types that contain a single logical value.
    Descriptors are defined attributes that describe a characteristic value.
    A BleDevice is defined by a name and an address, and a list of profiles/services, and a connection state
    The profile describes a use case, roles and general behaviors based on the GATT functionality.
    All BLE UUIDs are of the form: 0000XXXX-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb These specs specify the unique XXXX code for each of the currently existing Services, Characteristics and Descriptors For more info about BLE see:
    Proximity is based on the estimated distance between beacon and device.
    ScanDetection is a wrapper class to hold the main data obtained when scanning a beacon: uuid, major and minor ids, rssi and proximity estimation