Interface LifecycleService

All Known Implementing Classes:
AndroidLifecycleService, DesktopLifecycleService, DummyLifecycleService, IOSLifecycleService

public interface LifecycleService
The lifecycle service provides a way to listen for events when the application is being paused (put in the background) and resumed (brought back to the foreground). It also allows the developer to properly shutdown the application.


 LifecycleService.create().ifPresent(service -> {
      service.addListener(LifecycleEvent.PAUSE, () -> System.out.println("Application is paused."));
      service.addListener(LifecycleEvent.RESUME, () -> System.out.println("Application is resumed."));

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  • Method Details

    • create

      static Optional<LifecycleService> create()
      Returns an instance of LifecycleService.
      An instance of LifecycleService.
    • addListener

      void addListener(LifecycleEvent lifecycleEvent, Runnable eventHandler)
      Adds a life cycle event listener to the native platform, to be notified of LifecycleEvent events.
      lifecycleEvent - The type of event to listen for.
      eventHandler - The event handler that will be called when the event fires.
    • removeListener

      void removeListener(LifecycleEvent lifecycleEvent, Runnable eventHandler)
      Removes a previously installed event handler. If no such event handler is found, this method is a no-op.
      lifecycleEvent - The type of event that was being listened to.
      eventHandler - The event handler that should be removed.
    • shutdown

      void shutdown()
      Initiates the process of shutting down the application that called this method. This removes the need to perform any platform-specific shutdown routines.