Class CloudLinkConfiguration

  • public class CloudLinkConfiguration
    extends Object
    • Method Detail

      • getHost

        public String getHost()
      • getHost

        public String getHost​(String service)
        Gets the name of the host that is used for connecting to Gluon CloudLink, appending the provided service.
        service - the string to append to the base host name.
        the name of the host of Gluon CloudLink, appended with the provided service string.
        NullPointerException - when the service parameter is null
      • validateCredentials

        public void validateCredentials()
      • hasValidCredentials

        public boolean hasValidCredentials()
      • getApplicationKey

        public String getApplicationKey()
      • getApplicationSecret

        public String getApplicationSecret()
      • isConfigFileMissing

        public boolean isConfigFileMissing()