Class GlassPane

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Styleable, EventTarget

    public class GlassPane
    extends BorderPane
    The GlassPane exists in an invisible layer above the main UI of a Glisten AppManager. It is created by Glisten automatically, and as such there is no publicly available constructor - instead developers who want to interact with the GlassPane are encouraged to call the AppManager.getGlassPane() method (via the AppManager.getInstance() singleton).

    As mentioned, the GlassPane can be thought of as an invisible layer above the main UI of a Glisten application. Common use cases include using the GlassPane as a means to show dialogs and popups, using Layer.

    In most cases, direct interaction with the GlassPane is unnecessary, as Glisten ships with a number of classes that do the necessary GlassPane manipulation behind the scenes.

    See Also:
    AppManager, Layer
    • Method Detail

      • getRoot

        public final Node getRoot()
        The root node of the application that this GlassPane is currently covering - this is typically a View.
        The root node of the application.